Dream Wedding in Pura Vida Paradise!

Today we bring you one of the most beautiful things in photography, weddings. We have been doing it for years, but this couple delighted us with so many feelings. We just loved being a part of their beautiful celebration.

You will see so many silly moments, combined with romantic sights and true happiness in every single photo!

About Bahia del Sol

What makes Bahia del Sol so special for a wedding? It has beautiful rooms, hidden gardens that make you feel like you are in the jungle, great staff and excellent food and drinks, and of course a stunning spot for sunsets.

Who is Danny & Alicia?

They mentioned us they both are hikers and, both bring their families into this paradise, in Bahia del Sol Resort in Potrero Beach. We felt a unique atmosphere with them, a true love for each other that was worth to be captured.

On the day of the wedding, we met them separately, since they had special plans before the ceremony. First we introduced ourselves to Alicia in her room where she was getting ready with her bridesmaids, we talked about how to proceed with the first look. We mentioned to her that we had found an amazing place in the gardens of Bahia del Sol, a beautiful place with stunning sun rays and full of tropical plants.

The bow tie

Then we went to look for Danny in another room where he was getting ready. But they were struggling with the bow tie as no one knew how to tuck it in, and this is when Carlos comes in to help. We are not just photographers here!

No heels for me!

As you can see, they decided not to make a traditional Bride and Broom with hills and fine shoes, they wanted to be different and use sneakers. 

First Look

Everything was ready for the special moment of seeing her in the dress for the first time. We gave Danny instructions on the best way to proceed so that we could capture the look on his face when he was going to see her at that moment. She walked up to him and there they were, looking at each other like never before, enjoying this special time just for them. A silly smile crept between them and the way they looked at each other was so special. Don't you think they just look adorable?

First Look with her Dad

She also wanted to do the same with her father. He was so excited to see her on her special day. When he turned around, he couldn't stop smiling, he looked so happy for her.

Time to get married!

We found ourselves in a purple environment. The officiant, the bridesmaids, the flowers and not only Alicia's hair. Danny's side dressed in black. Everything was so beautiful. We were immersed in the instant, not just capturing the scenes, but feeling the moments and the emotions. From silly moments to beautiful moments, everything flowed like a river to the ocean of life.

They exchanged vows and when it was Alicia's turn to put the ring on Danny's hand, they had a tough but funny moment because it didn't fit on Danny's fingers. But no worries, with some extra effort it finally fit! After that they did a kind of ritual with ropes to seal their union.

You may now kiss your bride!

Wedding Party

Now it is time to have fun with the guests! We start with some casual photos of the newlyweds. We wanted to highlight the energy and vibes of Danny & Alicia, so we looked for some fun photos that celebrated their union and made them feel like they were having a really good time with their loved ones!

This last photo we were trying to create a portrait of Alicia by her self with the flowers surrounding her face. And Danny wanted to be involved too. But not as a couple, but by him self and it gave us this spectacular and funny photo!

We love going with the flow more than leading with poses, but this time the two things merged perfectly as we led and followed their natural personalities through each shot.

A beautiful reception to closure the night

After the wedding party, everyone went to their tables and started the night with a few words to the newlyweds, some toasts and a little fun on the dance floor! 

We couldn't have asked for anything more. We finished our work tired, but with our hearts full of joy and tenderness for this beautiful wedding, not only for Danny & Alicia, but also for their guests. All of them will have a special place in our memories!

Between shots

We couldn't leave without a photo with the newlyweds. We work in this wedding the two photographers, the wedding planner Sofia Vega with Bahia del Sol staff , and our support for social media content Raquel Salas.

Behind the best shot, Carlos preparing the wedding guests

The wedding planner Sofia Vega with the newlyweds

The photographers Carlos and Kevin, also with the newlyweds

Posted on May 16th, 2024.

Guanacaste Wedding Photography.

-Carlos Avellán, Photographer

-Kev L. Brenes, Writer-Photographer.